Hi friends this is nisha tripathi & welcome to my first blog on my   travel experiences of manali. so hope you all like it & forgive my mistakes ….

So, first I should introduce myself and my topic …

         I am nisha tripathi I am a blogger  and I’m from India today I am going to tell you my travel experience and stories related to trip of Manali so let’s start it….

In this blog am going to tell about places river waterfall transport, food, hotels ,shopping and many more about Manali .

      Places of Manali

                1.Hidimbadevi temple— this is the temple of hidimbidevi which is located in van vihar .

                2 van vihar—a second place is van vihar which is a picnic place and good for family and couples also . this place has greenry which attract everyone it has swings also . we go their in June month and that was good time to go there .there we saw river vyas in those seasone water of river was very cold so you can imagin that in winter what it can be but we enjoy a lot there. here you can do boating also

                3.solang velly – solangvelly is also very good place for visit .it is known for paragliding and skimming.

                 4.Manikarn—manikarna has a gurudwara . Parvati river flow near it  there is a hot water geyser also .where people bath .some people said that bathing in this hot geyser heal all

desease .buti say that if this is not true after that it is a gift of nature for people in its cold wether.    In the way of manikarn some good tample  also . in this way a river also where people were do river rafting .

                5.Rohtang pass—rohtangpass is at lehmanali highway. It is high mountain pass of eastern pirpanjal range of Himalaya. it is one of indias highest and most dangourousroot .but most beautiful place of manali . when we went their in June month we saw snow fall there and all mountain were covered with snow . but for this place I sugesst you to keep some food with you because we suffer fo r it because there were only some shopes of food and only we got maggy tea and corns so it is most difficult trip but most beautiful can see beauty of mountains here.

                 6-Mall road—Mall road is main market place of Manali .here you can saw many shops of food ,toys,cloths etc .

    So lets see about food of manali——-

     Thukpa—thukpa is a local dish of manali and is a tredishnal dish.

     Thali –in manali thali is also famouse but himachi thali is little different there we saw different type of vegitable which was different our up thali, rice was also diffren.

Corn & maggi—I saw in my journy of manali most of ariea I found maggie and corn and in higer hili aria only corn and tea I found every were.but this is not heres local dish this is only a food option.

So lets talk about someinformation   

 River of manali parvati river & vyas river

Waterfall ––rozy fall and jogini  fall

Transportation –horse riding and yak riding is option for some aria…..           

                                                                               Write by—-    Nisha tripathi