Be , you are.. don’t try to pretend like others ,

you can choose how to react In a difficult situation because , all are different and unique by nature..


one day a boy getting very upset and tiered by his life, he couldn’t think about to how solve his problem and what to do, then he goes to his mother and asked her what should he do in his difficult situation.

      Then his mother asked him to bring an egg, a potato and a rose. After that he brought out all three things. After that his mother ask him to place all items in a bowl with water and boil it.when the water was boiled then she told him to peel egg and potato and take out rose.

                                         After it boy was get confused, then his mother said we boil all items in a same way but how these all item reacts different after boiling.

                                      He explained egg was soft but after boiling It become hard, potato was hard but after boiling it become soft, and rose, change the couler and smell of water itself.

So, by this her mother give him a lesson that when adversity comes, we responding a same manner they have.  So, chose by yourselves, that are you an egg, a potato or a rose.

                                                                                                                              : Nisha tripathi