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                                                          Dream meaning

Everyday we see different type of dreams and when we wake up than we think about that dream and trying to understand the meaning about we tell others and ask them to explain the meaning of it but we got different type of answer so now there is no need to go anywhere just look its meaning in my blog . but first let to know what is dream and why we see it while sleeping .

What is a dream—dream is a important part of our life and everyday we all see it different way. Some  dreams are like when we see it we become curious about its meaning . some dream look good but its meaning in real life is not good .and some dreams look very bad and we become sad but its meaning is not bad .

Why we see dreams—

                                Some people said   that       Some times we see dreams which is related to our inner hidden desires which can’t be possible in real life. But some dreams are related to what will happen in future. Dreams’ are also sing of our mental fitness. some time we see god in dream people said about that when god try to give human some sine about his future or want to give massage then he or she come in our dream. Some people said when we see ghost in dream than it is a sing that some negative energy are near you but we all are not sure about that so lets don’t waste time just see the meaning of different types of dream.