Places for visit


hello i’m nisha tripathi and today im going to write a travel blog on Shimla

As we all know that Shimla is a very beautiful hill station of Himachal is also a capital.

This is a popular holiday destination during summer & winter. It is mostly famous for its Victorian period art, construction and its green mountainous view.

So, lets know about some places of Shimla where you should go —–

1—Kuffri--it is 15 km from Shimla .horse riding is great way for reaching at the top  of kuffri. Some people prefer yak also. When we went there we saw temples, swings and some shops. There we took some pics in traditional dress of Himachal Pradesh, but the route of kuffri  were little dangerous, so you should take care for it.

2 –Hanuman JI temple—Hanuman ji temple is situated at the top of kufri. Some other temple are also there.

3—Mall road—Mall road is main street and market place of Shimla. Walking is only way for visit here because cab and rickshaw is not allowed at this route. Most of restaurants, street food shop, hotels & other shops are situated at mall road.

4—Christ church––Christ church is situated at the mall road. This is the second oldest church in northern is famous for its glorious structure so it is prime attraction of Shimla.

5—Town Hall–Town hall is also situated at mall road. It is famous architecture building of Shimla. which was constructed in 1910. In present time it is in authority of municipal corporation.

6—Green valley—it is a beautiful place which attract everyone. there is green mountain all around the valley.

Rivers ——-

                       Beas and sutluj are rivers of shimla.

Food of Shimla—

    1—Madra—it is generally consist of soaked chickpeas or veggies. This dish especially comes from chamba.

   2—Dhana—it is complete food like thali .which has healthy dose of nutrients.

   3—Sidu–-it is traditional food of himachal

   4—Thukpa—it is also a traditional food of himachal.