5 most important facts for photography


                                                             5 most important facts for photography

By Nisha tripathi


                      Friends in today’s life photography is going to part of life because of smart cameras.,

 But it is not a good way for professionals. some time when we have present in any location where we see beauty of nature or something really interesting then certainly, we have mode to take at this time we should follow some step. if you want to do this & want to take good picture and trying to make it your profession you should follow some steps.

1.A good quality camera—

                                             For taking good picture a good quality camera is must.In now days   there are some apps also which help to upgrade picture quality but for a real quality image a high-quality camera is mandatory.

       2 proper light—-

                                          For taking a clear and good quality picture proper light is when whether is not cloudy and sunlight is proper then condition is good. you should aware about that sunlight should not be in front of camera.

        3.Good location—-

                                                      If you want to take good picture a good location is necessary. like nature, landscape, birds are good for learning taking picture. knowledge about good location or good background is must.


  4.Atmospheric condition—-

                                                                If there is rainy outside or foggy etc. then taking good picture is very difficult so if weather condition is good or clear then you can take picture.

    5.Knowledge about holding camera—–

                                                                      For taking clear picture it is very necessary that you have proper knowledge about how to hold camera and click most of time people take camera and it will be shake then pic will  not clear so first hold camera tightly and properly.and don’t shake it while photography.

                                                                                                                                                      By -nisha tripathi