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Husband wife relationship

(steps & facts)

 written by Nisha tripathi

 Husband wife relationship is very deep topic for everyone. This is  made by god . so we have to understand and should respect each other .

                                           this is the relationship which is based on love ,respect and trust. It is made more strong by communication.  It is very important to make a strong communication level between husband wife. So in this modern age it is very necessary that respect emotions  of each other  fulfill their expectation. 

So  lets take an overview of what should we do for protect our married relationship and what is the risk for which we should take care about. ………..

Important facts of married relationship——

in a married relationship it is must that husband and wife both respect each other .resect their emotions ,expectation, values and choice .in most of cases these relations breaks by these issues.


                            the second thing which need to do is communication, because it is a source by  ,which both share their point of view ,problems ,needs like ,dislike . so it is mediatory to take time for it .sometime you can go outside and spend some time each other.

3.esteem to their opinion and choice—

                                                              husband should respect their wife opinion and choices .and this is same for wife also. Some time Bothe are different nature and they lough and abase their choice and they don’t follow their choice. each other to finish work—

                                                       sometimes in some narrow minded families   kith& kin thought that if husband do household work then he is becoming slave of wife  and if wife do work outside then they think that she is not a good women, then they torcher her for doing pretend , doing all household work herself. some time they pressurize their daughter in low that if she not earn much money then she should not do work outside and in some   backward people has mentality that if someone don’t do government job they find fault in him or her .so we should improve our this backward thought. Because some times it become the reason for brake their relation.

5 .Sometime do something different —

For maintaining the relationship you can give ,gift ,surprises,

                                                                        Cards etc., like you did it in your beginning.  

So……… these are some little steps which we can fallow for maintain our relations.

                                   So hope you all like my this blog .


                                                                                   written by—–    Nisha tripathi

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