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Hi friends I am nisha tripathi a blogger who write blogs on multiniche topics .Today I am writing a new blog on Health .

   As we all are always conscious about our health but we do nothing about it.                                           

  In todays life our routine is very busy so by this most of people not really care about their health

  Most of them busy in their work so they can’t take a proper diet and can’t do exercise for  maintaining their health and Figure.

so, by this we get tiered mentally and physically , we become week and suffer many types of disease so we have to take lot of medicines . but these medicines has also many side effect and if we take too much medicines then after some times it become harmful for us and don’t effect.

         .so so so………..

What’s the need to bring such time when we will become sick and we had to take lot of medicine?      why not we had to  change our routine?    so there will be no need for any of these……….am I right or not ?……

….let’s think about that….

Yes,I am right ,health is more important from any of other things because if we will not be healthy then how we will  care for our family and also how we concentrate on our work, studies  and others.

                           This is necessary for every one like man, women and kids also. so les talk about some tips for our daily life so that we all can maintain our health

1-A proper diet is must—first of all we all should need a proper diet for a healthy life . so we have to include protein, calcium ,vitamins, iron in our food like  green vegetables, pulses, rice milk egg etc.

But …this is not same for everyone because it depends on our age, gender ,which type of work we do like any one do extra physical work then he or she have to take more proper diet compare to who do mantel work but this is not means that who do mental work  they don’t need proper diet

His or her diet will different from other .as it is kids need different diet ,women’s need different  ,man need,  as their need. Old age people need different diet because after getting old bons muscles  getting week . so you should take your proper diet after consult dietician or a specialist.

2..A time for only you…. In our daily life it is very impotent to take time for our self only . because if we only do work then we will get mentally and physically tired and our work capacity getting less so so so…… its really important to take to time only for you, where you can think your past, present and future and can do something which you like most or hobby . and also for give rest your mind to some time peacefully and for that you can do meditation so that you get inner peace .

3….Exercise is  important — in our routine we should add some time for exercise . we can do it in morning or evening. For mental peace can do meditation . yoga etc.

4… A healthy sleep—-For a healthy life it is necessary to take a healthy sleep at night. So early to bad and early to rise .

5..Some time for your hobby …so it is very important for a healthy physic or mind that to do what to you really enjoying to do. Like… I like singing, dancing, traveling and some time reading also. Like it ,if any one like listing music ,some like painting some like reading they should to do so in his or her free time .

                           So it is enough for  now I will try to share some of tips for my other blog

              So so so ……….hope you all will like my this blog

                                                      I will come again with a new blog

                                                                        Till then good bye ,have a nice day

                                                                                                                     Thank  you.

                                                                                                                                              NISHA TRIPAHI